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Baby #8… Coming Fall 2017!

Those two lines are what I saw only a few days before we left Idaho four and a half weeks ago.

Those two lines had me in shock.

Yes, I do know how this happens. Although it is sweet for those who would like to tell me in case I’ve been clueless every one of my 14 pregnancies. 😉

It was brought to my attention today that I hadn’t announced it publicly so here it is.

We’re expecting our 8th child!

It can be controversial to have a large family now and days. I say to each his own. When it comes to us, we chose to give God total control in our lives. What did He do?

He visited my womb again.

The LORD said “the fruit of the womb is His reward.”

I am blessed.

And after 7 years of infertility I know this to be true.

I am the barren woman that the LORD made to keep house. I am proof that He is faithful to his promises.

*Side note: If you do not believe in God or large families or whatever, I ask that you please keep your opinions to yourself and refrain from leaving a comment. I will not approve, nor read derogatory comments. You see, there is one fact that we can all agree on. One day we will all die. Then we will see who was right and wrong about God. Until then, let us all agree to disagree, shall we? 🙂

Till next time…


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  • Esther April 3, 2017, 10:45 pm

    Congratulations Kristy! ! Each child is a blessing from the Lord! We too have given God the decision to bless us with ALL the babies He has in store for us. We desire for Him to bless us fully in every other faction of life, but not with our womb? Anyways, really happy for you guys!!Esther

    • KristyQuinn April 13, 2017, 8:53 pm

      Thank you, Esther! It’s always a blessing to know someone else that feels the same way we do about the subject of how many children. So many people look at us like we have a third eye ball when we tell them we let God decide how many kids we have. lol

  • Cheryl April 4, 2017, 2:27 am

    Congratulations!!!! What wonderful news for you and your family!
    God bless all of you, and may your pregnancy be a smooth one with many moments of joy!

    • KristyQuinn April 13, 2017, 8:53 pm

      Thank you, Cheryl!!

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