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And then there were…


If by chance you’re new here, let me start off by introducing myself. I’m Kristy, daughter of the Most High God, wife to my husband of almost 20 years and mom to 8, this year to be 9 of mine and my husbands children. (Yes, they are ours together. Our oldest is 18)

Once upon a time I was a singer who walked away from it all to focus on my family and give my life to God. All of my life. And that meant my fertility too. Not as easy as some would think. But so very rewarding! I get to co-create with THE Creator Himself!

What an honor!

I get a lot of people asking me if I always wanted a large family. My answer is always yes! I did! I wanted 4 kids! hahaha To me that was a large family!

We almost got everyone in the above picture. lol It’s not an easy task to fit us all in a picture. This was Mother’s Day. Can you tell the kids were ecstatic about their new sibling? If you’re answer was yes, you were right! I am so blessed to have children that love each other. Now, don’t get me wrong, they’re normal kids. They totally have moments where they don’t get along perfectly with one of their siblings but all in all our home is a place of love and forgiveness. Their father and I are very active in their lives and we work hard teaching them what true love is. And true love includes forgiveness. They’re pretty good at it.

So as you can see, our spring has been great even though the world has felt kind of wonky. And even though I have spent the last few weeks in the throes of morning sickness. For now I won’t talk about such ickies, lol. Instead I’ll show you a couple more pictures. Because pictures are awesome!

That little sweet boy is Kaden, our youngest. Can you believe how big he is?! He is so full of life and just such a joy to be around! He has us laughing all the time! He is also one of the smartest kids I know. It’s so amazing to me that that’s the same little boy that had a punctured lung and was so sick in NICU. We actually bumped into my favorite NICU nurse of his in Target today and she was amazed at how God had blessed him. (Do you remember me saying that we don’t make friends, we make family. Yeah, that goes with her too. We love her and she and I are friends on social media. She’s the best and was such a gift to Kaden when he was born and not doing well! Now I’m honored to call her my friend.) The back little one is my shadow. That girl is with me all the time and she could probably run our house as good as I do. She amazes me!

And then there’s the above picture. You know, the one where I have my eyes closed. The one where not all of us look all that great yet you can’t help but feel the love. Yeah, that one. It’s kind of weird but I love it so I thought I’d share it with you guys. You can see on my goofy looking face just what I think about those kids. And so can they every time they look at this picture. I love this picture for that very reason! I am so proud to be their mom!

And just because we haven’t had a lot of pictures of us together recently, here’s one of Tyler and I.

So are you curious about if we know the gender yet? Well, I can say YES we do! I’m almost 11 weeks at the time of writing this and we’ve known it for a little bit. The day we had that ultrasound we paid and had some gender blood work done.

Wanna see what it is?

It’s a GIRL!

And we are so excited! The entire family thought it was a girl!

So as you can see our family has been having a happy spring! I’m just now starting to have some breaks in my morning sickness, praise God! My newest saying has been, “Is it 12 weeks yet?” lol Now I can say SOON!

I hope you guys are having an amazing spring too!

Till next time…


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