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Allowing my kids to Bless ME

I’ve got 6 kiddos at home, five girls and a baby boy. Three of my kiddos are 3 and under.

My life is about loving, grace, mercy, patience, & training.

Sometimes I get so busy in the day to day activities that I sometimes overlook sweet moments when one of my kiddos want to bless me. In the name of “there’s not enough time,” I have missed out on moments of blessing.

Well today I didn’t.

Today as I was running around doing about a million things at one time my sweet 6 year old came up to me and said.

“Mama, may I fix your bed for you?”


This little one knows how I always take time to fix my bed but wasn’t able to today and she wanted to bless me. Normally I would have said, thank you but no because I love my bed fixed nice and neat and quite honestly as hard as it is to admit this, I don’t always see my kiddos are trying to bless me.

But today…

Today God whispered to my heart to say yes.

So I did.

So… I did.


And today I was blessed by a tiny human.

Today every time I walk into my room I feel so much love every time I look at my bed.

So on my To Do List from now on you can bet that I will be more open to allowing my kids to bless me because as happy and that little one made me today, there is no comparison to the beautiful smile she has worn on her little face all day because she was able to do something nice for her mommy.

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  • Romany June 2, 2015, 7:40 pm

    This is lovely, my daughter who is four quite often likes to make my bed up for me in the morning while I see to her baby brother, sometimes if I beat her to it she gets quite cross. I should definitely take more time to allow her to bless me. God bless you and your little ones. — Romany

    • KristyQuinn June 2, 2015, 11:26 pm

      Aw, that’s so sweet. My daughter only put the one pillow on our bed yesterday and I asked her why. She said because she thought it would look pretty. I stood back and looked through different eyes. It actually did! Today she made it for me again and I had both pillows. It still looks pretty. Children really are a blessing. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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