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A few starter Linen items

I’ve been planning on writing a blog post on Linen and why I love it for awhile. But as life would have it, I haven’t quite had the hands free time to invest the time and energy I wanted to put into it.

In the relatively new “Linenite” world I have come across quite a few people looking for some starter linen pieces that won’t break the bank. It just so happens that I have quite a few of those which has led me to giving the links to a lot of people. I don’t have the time to do this for everyone sadly so I thought it would be smart to just do a post and have a few links here where everyone can access them super easy!

These items are inexpensive linen but in my opinion they are terrific starter pieces. I’ll start with the most requested link.

1. 100% Linen Tank Top

I have two of these and I wear them under my tee shirts. They are thin tee shirt linen and super flowy. They run large so know that when you order them. I am really happy with mine.


2. Linen/Spandex socks

These are not as thin as plain linen socks. I really like mine and have used them to support healing of one of my feet that I hurt.


3. 100% Linen Throw Blanket


4. 100% Linen men’s boxer shorts

These may be men’s but I love them to sleep in them. My husband isn’t a fan of them because they have no give at all. They’re perfect for my needs though. They seem to run a little small-ish so just be aware of that.


I will be doing more Linen posts as well as Linen videos on You Tube. If you’d like to Subscribe to receive Blog update notifications we will be adding that feature soon so check back often.

I hope this blesses you guys!

Till next time… K

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