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A Day in the Life: 29 wks Pregnant,Teething Irish Twins, a Cold, Art work and DIY haircuts

Holy Moly y’all!

I’m 29 weeks pregnant!

This has been a bizarre pregnancy and that’s putting it mildly. No fault of the baby’s. I mean, finding out we were pregnant 5 days before our cross country (crazy ridiculously long) move was insane all on its own. Then having our family of 9 living out of suitcases for 6 1/2 weeks and not knowing exactly where (what state) we were going to live only added to the bizarreness. (Is that a word? lol) And then there was the multiple sicknesses and the subchorionic bleed in my placenta and my trips to the ER.


Well yesterday marked us being in the beautiful state of Tennessee for 4 months! Can you even believe it’s been 4 months since we moved here? I know I can’t. Crazy! But so awesome! Today we have 2 teething, sick little boys who caught a cold after their big sisters started recovering.

Nap time came and everyone but our sweet 2 year old was asleep. Hubby made me a delicious Trim Healthy Mama “Volcanic Mudslide” with low carb ice cream. Yum!!! Talk about making a pregnant mama happy!

We sat together on the couch with our sweet two year old lying next to us. Hubby and I marveled in the impromptu thunderstorm that had moved in (the 2 year old not so much.. hence him being on the couch with us. The chair just wasn’t close enough. Oh how I love that boy.) What a beautiful time it was. And wow, what a difference since last year. This time last year my husband was on the other side of the world. He sure wasn’t home making me healthy treats. And I wasn’t pregnant. It’s AMAZING what can happen in 1 year! So now, here’s what’s been going on in our neck of the woods.

The belly is growing!! But somehow I can still hold my boys!! I’m literally hlding all 3 of my sons right here. This is me everyday, multiple times a day. After having 6 girls in a row I still can’t believe I have sons!

Even after birthing 8 babies it still amazes me that I am growing a tiny human in my body. I can’t wait to have a 4D ultrasound to see the little guy again! That update should be coming soon! I’m hoping to Vlog about it. We shall see. My adrenal fatigue has made itself known even more than normal lately so even the simplest of tasks has ben a challenge. That includes Vlogging. I’d like to do a pregnant with adrenal fatigue video. Maybe next week! High hopes, y’all! lol

So, if you know us personally you know that we love to learn how to do knew things. With that being said,  my husband and I decided to try our hand at cutting our sons hair ourselves.

That was interesting.

After two different people hacked our boys hair two different times my husband and I thought that we could do better than them. And honestly, although their hair isn’t what I’d call professional quality I can tell you that we were right. We did do a better job that the two that cut their hair before us.

Parent Win!

(P.S. Giving your 1 yr old chocolate chip cookies while cutting his hair is DUMB. Just imagine… chocolate everywhere…. Chocolate and little tiny hairs everywhere. Yeah, we were so stupid. Lesson learned!)

Something else we have been doing the last couple of weeks is focusing more on art with the kids. Well, not us exactly, but them really. They’ve all been embracing their artistic side since we’ve been a little more settled and they’ve had a chance to relax and adjust to their new home. The artistic side is strong in my family, y’all! We have multiple books being written by our kids and oh the beautiful art work I have seen recently! And I love how our oldest loves her little siblings. Caleb was having a particularly uncomfortable day due to teething and his little cold. When I walked in the room I saw him snuggling with his biggest sister while she did some art work.

Ah, I love times like that. Does this mama’s heart good.

Teething and having a cold is tough for a little one.

Baby Caleb needed some cuddling and his big sister was glad to provide it.


Other than that we have started getting ready for the new baby but that’s a post for another time.


Till then…




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