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A 13th Birthday and a Stomach Flu… Fall is here :)



It’s been busy around these parts.

We had 3 birthdays in 13 days!


Ending the three birthday’s was our beautiful, Sunshine, who became a teenager this year. Honestly, I am still in shock that she’s thirteen.

She prayed for two things for her birthday this year. That she wouldn’t be sick (she was last year) and that her father would be home. She got both, only she didn’t know that on the night of her birthday our family would be struck with a terrible stomach flu that would last for almost a week, getting to each one of us. God did as she asked though. She had a great day and didn’t feel bad at all until it was dark and almost over. Thank you, Jesus!

This precious girl was our first living baby. Every year as we spend the day celebrating her life I take some time and think back to the day she was born. I’m sure every mom does this. With this child, she came after 7 years of loss and infertility. She was a miracle. And every day that I am blessed to have her in my life I know that she still is. I find myself thinking about her future as I listen to her dream about her future husband. My heart hurts at the thought of her not living with us and yet I find myself excited at how great her future will be. For now, I will hug and kiss and love and listen to her while enjoying her living here at home with us.

This child is one of the most precious, big hearted, pure, and genuinely good people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life. I can’t understand why God would send her to me. I am underserving and yet I love her so very much. I am so grateful.

In honor of her 13th birthday I am going to write a few things about my new teenager.

1. She is an avid writer and has completed one 400+ page book in a 3 book series that she is writing. She is also writing over 4 more books not connected to that series at the same time. Her creative spirit and motivation is inspiring!

2. She is highly artistic. She can draw anything she sees. She loves to dabble with graphic design which she is incredible at and it is all self taught. She loves to do her own book covers and I am thinking about enlisting her to do one of mine in the future.

3. She has the most beautiful singing voice. Not only is it pretty but it comes from a pure heart. I could listen to her sing for hours on end. There is no pride in her singing, only pure joy. As an ex-singer, I love this about her.

4. She loves animals and is incredible around the farm. If a goat needs getting, she will jump up and do it. She loves all of the animals and is so loving with them all. However, if a chicken pecks her she will give it a what for. lol

5. She is an empathetic person. My ‘Sunshine’ hurts when others hurt, and like Jesus, she has a genuine heart for healing their soul. She is also like her mama and doesn’t take too kindly to the people who do the hurting.

6. She is strong willed. Most people read this about teenagers and think… aren’t they all. Yes, but when you have one who is humble with a heart filled with love, it is such a blessing to watch. This child will grow into a woman not afraid to speak her mind, and yet at the same time she will be respectful to those she is speaking to.

7. She is an excellent baker. This child can bake some of the most delicious treats that would make you swoon long after the last crumb is gone. She is also an avid cook and a creative spirit in the kitchen as well and will volunteer to cook dinner many nights. She loves to teach her sisters all about baking and we all love to eat the final product! If I want a dessert I go to her. 🙂

8. She is smart… like… really smart. Like, I ask her questions smart. Her reading level surpasses her grade level by far. Like her father she is a problem/puzzle solver by nature. It is incredible to see her brain work. I am an artist. Her father is intelligent. I always wanted a child to be both. I got that in her!

9. She is articulate, well spoken and puts many an adult to shame with her ability to communicate clearly with both young and old.

10. She has a huge love for people. She loves to talk and laugh and share life with others. She is a giver by nature and enjoys making others happy.

And most importantly… God’s blessing is upon her and has been since she was little. It’s obvious in the little hugs and kisses her gives her in her life. As a mom I could ask for no more than that.

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