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6 1/2 Months Pregnant! My Plexus Pregnancy…


I don’t typically write three blog posts close together but beings it had been awhile since I did a pregnancy update I thought,Β  what the heck. πŸ™‚ None of us should get used to this rapid post writing on my part though. My kiddos keep me really busy. I’ll try to be better about posting a little more often though. πŸ™‚

So here’s a 26 week update on baby boy and I.

Here in the North Pole the pregnant ladies are freezing.


Just kidding I’m currently in Idaho not the North Pole. Bummer, I know. lol It is crazy cold though. Yesterdays high here was 20 degrees. Tonight’s low… 10 degrees. O.O Oh sweet heavens. The good news is that oddly enough it will be back in the high 30’s/low 40’s soon, Praise God!

Now that you know I’m frozen we’ll get back to the belly. πŸ™‚

Mommy Update

  1. I’m feeling decent physically. Some day are better than others. It all depends on my sleep and stresses. My body was really sick before I got pregnant and I had only been supplementing with Plexus a short time before getting pregnant. My adrenals were already a mess before that pregnancy and are being hit hard again right now. I’m so grateful for my Plexus supplements, especially Slim and the natural energy I feel after drinking it. I’m excited to meet this little man and to begin my true healing after he’s born. Right now all my nutrients are going to him. After he’s born I will be upping some of my supplements to focus on healing my body.

2. Sleep… Plexus helps me rest. Joshua, not so much. lol He’s still sleeping by me and I’m up off and on all night with pacifier duty. I totally have a love/hate thing with those. The great news is that with Plexus I’m able to fall back asleep.

3. I’m officially Sugar Free and am really happy about it! With Plexus working to help regulate my blood sugar levels I knew I could eat some sugar if I wanted but with my family’s history of Type 2 Diabetes and the fact I’ve had Gestational Diabetes a couple times before, I thought it was best to take the bull by the horns and be proactive. There’s a good amount of sugar free cheesecake in my future! lol

4. Exercise… I’ve been embracing my Treadmill again. Most days I’m walking half a mile twice.

5. Mentally… I’m still in shock that I’m pregnant again. We’re talking about names now. Next- I’ll be watching my favorites…. Birthing videos! πŸ™‚

6. Pregnancy Related books I’m currently reading… Nothing yet but I’m about to reread “Husband Coached Childbirth,” and “Hypnobirthing.” Those both blessed me last time.

7. Young Living Essential Oils… Yes, yes and yes. I’m loving my Peace & Calming but using sparingly. Thieves gets rubbed on my feet every morning & night to boost my immune system. Gentle Babies I use every night before bed. I rub some on my wrists and under my belly button. And peppermint gets put in my SF, Protein packed Peppermint shakes. Yummy!

8. Plexus… I’m currently taking Fab4 (Slim, BioCleanse, ProBio5, XFactor) and OmegaX with Block on occasions before dinner to help my fasting blood sugar numbers. *All approved by my Midwife*

9. Favorite food… Um, nothing really. I still love chocolate and recently found Lily’s Sugar Free Crunch chocolate bars. Be still my dark chocolate loving heart. It’s delicious!

10. My new “thing”… I know I’m late to the Himalayan Salt Lamp party but better late than never, right. lol Oh my goodness… we bought one at my midwifes suggestion & the entire family fell in love with that lamp. We’ve since added two more for the kids rooms and we’ll be getting at least one more. Ours is currently being shared between the family room and our bedroom. Go figure… lol

Baby Boy


In the world of comparing baby’s in utero to fruits and vegetables, they say that a 26 week old baby is approximately the size of a large head of lettuce. Bizarre if you ask me but whatever. lol Joshua was born at 35 weeks and 5 days and he was 21 inches! That little boy was way bigger than what the world said he was supposed to be. If I’ve learned anything birthing as many babies as I have, it’s that they’re all different. Each one is very much their own person.

26 weeks

“Your baby has grown a lot in the past few months, weighing around 2lbs, and is approximately 35.5cm long – can you believe how quickly time has gone?

If they were born early, they would now have a very good chance of survival with specialist care.

Your baby will start to practice making breathing movements at 26 weeks, breathing in the surrounding amniotic fluid, all ready for when they take their first gasps of air after delivery!

Their eyes will also start to open at 26 weeks, although their vision will still be underdeveloped but this will change over the coming weeks.

It’s possible with the increased brain activity your baby will respond to certain noises with increased activity or even increased pulse rate.

If you’re having a boy their testicles are beginning to descend into the Scrotum (a process that takes 2/3 months to complete).”


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