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35 Weeks Pregnant… It’s almost time!



39 years old, baby #8, mine and my husband’s 7th


I’m 35 weeks pregnant today!

It’s been a long ride, and quite honestly I feel like I have been pregnant forever. Even though this has been one of my best pregnancies by far, thanks to Plexus, it has still had its challenges.

I went into labor with Joshua when I was only 35 weeks and 4 days so right now I’m on modified bed rest. I really think my last doctor put me into labor on accident so this time we are hopeful that I can keep this little guy in longer.

35 Weeks Update

  1. I’ve gained 24 lbs so far
  2. My fluid level is on the high side of normal thanks to a big, healthy placenta again.
  3. The baby is Breech.
  4. The doctor is talking “Version” aka, flipping the baby. (They did that twice during labor with Joshua at the last hospital I delivered at.)
  5. My new Midwife & Doctor work together. The doctor is one of the few left that has no problems doing vaginal breech delivery’s as long as the baby isn’t foot first. He also has a 6% C-section rate which is awesome. And it’s only that high because of one of the hospitals he delivers at policies.  So.. with that being said, Vaginal Breech Delivery is being discussed.
  6. I’m having my Chiropractor do the ‘Webster Technique’ which has helped immensely in my typical pregnancy pain and my ligament pain. It’s also supposed to help the pelvis open so a breech baby can flip.
  7. I have a teething baby so my sleep is limited. On long days I drink Slim twice and praise God for it!
  8. I am now forcing myself to lie down every day. This body needs to be ready. It’s amazing what an hour of rest can do.
  9. I have ZERO room in my stomach.
  10. My hips are not thrilled with how much weight I’m expecting them to carry… at all.
  11. I have no heartburn unless I eat something spicy or sometimes when I lie down.
  12. I can feel baby boy’s head with my hand. Crazy!
  13. Baby boy weighed approx. 5 lbs at his last ultrasound.
  14. I can’t hold Joshua as much as I would want. He is all boy and moves like crazy. He is so much more active than any of his sisters ever were. He pushes his baby brother all over which hurts me. And not to mention his baby brother doesn’t just take it. He moves back! And so it begins with them! lol
  15. As someone with a history of Gestational Diabetes and a person who lost both parents to Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease, I have been checking my blood sugar levels regularly. They’re great!
  16. I’ve been eating SF 99% of the time for the past few months. Trim Healthy Mama has been a life saver again. Add Plexus and me ‘splurging’ one time with two big salted caramels did nothing to my blood sugar! Neither did a big fruit salad. Praise God! I could eat sugar if I want to but I’m not going to. And I don’t plan on starting after the baby’s born. Well, maybe one burger with the bun and a few fries. Maybe one dessert to celebrate? lol
  17. After writing approx. one hundred lists (that may be an exaggeration lol) we are finally packed and ready to go when it’s time!

And now I rest and wait.

In my next Blog post I’ll tell y’all what this mom of many will be bringing to the hospital!

See y’all there!

And lastly, check out my sweet little Bubby sleeping peacefully in his bed next to his daddy and I. Pretty soon I’ll have one on the other side of our bed too.

God is so good!


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