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34 weeks Pregnant… Getting Ready for Baby


I’m 34 weeks and 1 day today. Praise God!

Just three short weeks ago the terms “premature rupture of membranes,” “steroid shots,” “placental abruption,” “down syndrome,” “umbilical chord issues,” “swallowing issues with the baby,” “kidney issues with the baby” were looming in the air over me. (A word of advice… stay away from Dr. Google.) After a regular doctors visit when my Ob saw that I was measuring way bigger than I was supposed to be I was quickly put on notice to take it easy and that something may be wrong with myself or the baby. I had gained 4 lbs in two weeks and the baby was measuring 3 1/2 weeks ahead. My Ob wheeled in the ultrasound machine to check and make sure that it wasn’t just the position baby boy was in. It wasn’t. She saw a lot of fluid.

As you can imagine, it was a scary time. Praise God that it was only a few short days before I had an ultrasound with the Perinatologist to determine what was going on.

Again, thanks be to God, our baby looked great. My fluid level was on the high end of normal but it was normal nevertheless, which was great news. His chord was performing perfectly as well as his kidneys and he was showing no signs of downs which they had already checked before. According to their measurements, which I only hold so much stock in, he was a whopping 5lbs 12 oz already. Holy cow chubby bubby… O.O  No wonder I’m in pain and have to wear a belly brace. LOL


Soon, as God would have it my blood sugar started showing signs that it was going wacky the minute I stopped exercising. Thank you ligaments in the pelvic floor that are making it impossible for me to exercise. *sigh* I guess all those delightful Triple Layer Mousse desserts I ate every now and then from Olive Garden were packing the weight on the baby once I said goodbye to my treadmill time. Bummer… Even still, I’m at a total weight gain of 20 lbs. so far. It’s not like I was indulging all the time which is a good thing. In that case he might have measured even more. O.O

So now here we are, getting closer and closer. I’m having a practice surge/contraction/womb hug (it’s what my hubby calls them lol) while I type this. Our goal is to hold off to 37 weeks which is looking good. 🙂

Next week I will reincorporate Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew from Bulk Herb store.

This week I am finishing his room and finishing packing our bags. Now I’m just waiting on my Young Living oils and new diffuser to get in. Almost everything else is packed and ready to go!



I just love his diaper bag, which was totally a pain to get might I add. I saw one on Pinterest and everywhere I went it was sold out. Ugh… However, I do not give up easily as you can see. 😉


And then there’s his sweet car seat. Lying on top is one of the blankets I sewed him.

Last but not least… my labor bag. This is the first time out of 7 births that I have put together a labor bag. And quite honestly, I am super excited about it!


Soon I can just sit back and count down until 37 weeks.

At that point I won’t be as scared about him coming if he wants.

2 weeks 6 days!

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  • Deborah Stephens March 3, 2015, 11:52 pm

    Love all of it. Can’t wait!

    • Cathy Tauzin March 4, 2015, 3:14 am

      Good news! Looking forward to your seeing your special blessing from Above! Love you!<3?

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