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34 week pregnancy Update!

Oh my goodness….

I’m 34 weeks pregnant with our 8th baby today!

Wow y’all, it’s getting so exciting! You know, it doesn’t matter how many times my husband and I have done this, each new time we get just as excited as the time before. Bringing a new little person home and welcoming them into our family is unbelievably exciting! And now I’ve just entered major nesting mode! We’ve got almost everything baby boy needs now and I just got in the gown I ordered that I will be taking to the hospital with me to labor and deliver in. I packed my toiletries bag yesterday and have both my Labor and Delivery bag and my Hospital bag partially packed now.

So exciting!

We just had my 34 week OB appt. yesterday and it went great.

(For those wondering, because of my past experiences I see an OB and midwives)

Baby Boy- 34 weeks

  • Heartbeat= 145 bpm
  • Measuring 34 weeks (on the dot!)
  • Head down!

(My last two had an “unstable lie” and were breech and transverse off and on)


Mama’s stats

  • Gained 2 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks
  • Blood pressure normal
  • Did group B Strep test today (This is earlier than they typically do this test because of my history of premature labor
  • 1 1/2 cm dilated and 70% effaced

Mama’s Symptoms- 34 weeks

  • I’m starting to have a little heartburn but only when I roll over and the baby pushes into my stomach. I wonder if this little guy will be bald?? One of my kiddos was born with a ton of hair and my heartburn was so bad I had to take prescription medication. My heartburn was sooo severe with that kid. She came out with some cool hair though, even had blonde highlights. Seriously. lol
  • I’m having a lot of pelvic discomfort. The pain in both of my hips is almost excruciating and so is my back pain. With that being said, I finally went to see a Chiropractor and he confirmed what I had thought all along. My body is all kinds of out of wack. The good news is he has pinpointed some of my most painful issues and he started taking care of them slowly. After seeing him yesterday I was able to walk up our slanted driveway without wanting to cry. Goal is to get my pelvis where it needs to be before this little guy makes his entrance into the world.
  • No real food cravings. I’m still loving whole milk which is just crazy for me. Most of this pregnancy I have loved fruit. The weirdest thing I’ve loved is banana’s and peanut butter. Seriously. So yummy! Other than that, the only thing out of the ordinary is how I’ve enjoyed ice cream and frozen yogurt this pregnancy, although I haven’t indulged often. Just recently we found “Halo Top,” light ice cream sweetened with Stevia and Erithrytol which are both glycemic index friendly and this particular brand has protein in it!! One pint of mint chip is only 240 calories! Crazy! Every now and then my husband makes me a THM #volcalnicmudslide (THMS) and I have some Halo Top vanilla ice cream with it. It tastes sinful!
  • Sleeping right now is horrible. We got a new bed when we moved here and it’s definitely not my Organic Latex mattress that we had to leave in Idaho. *insert tears* As sad as leaving it was, God used it to bless a terminally ill man and his wife so that alone makes it worth it.  Now hubby and I are already talking about what kind of mattress we’re going to purchase once we’re settled and have gotten some items higher on the priority list.
  • My allergies have been insane since moving to TN. Apparently I had gotten used to Idaho’s dry air and no trees. Tennessee definitely has more trees! lol That means more pollen. Add pregnancy hormones and heat and you’ve got this pregnant mama swelling more than normal. (I’m so ready for Fall)

Other than that there’s not much to report. We’re getting more and more excited to meet this little guy every day!


Till next time…



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