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31 Weeks Pregnant!


I can’t tell you how excited I am that I will be 37 weeks in only 6 short weeks! To most women that may not mean too much but to this mama who typically doesn’t go past 37 weeks it means I could be holding my son in 6-ish weeks! That is amazing to me!

Today my 13 year old took some pictures of me.




Just about a week ago we were blessed to have an 4D ultrasound to take another peak at the little guy before he is born. Oh my, what a sweetie! He looks nothing like his sisters which was so weird for me. However, he does have his oldest sisters nose. Hers is different from her 4 sisters noses. We got a few pictures but none that did him justice. He is precious and oddly enough made some flirty looking facial expressions.

He’s a little charmer already!

(bummer we got none of those flirty pics)



In just 4 weeks I will be putting myself on a modified bed rest where I no longer exercise or walk around stores as an attempt to avoid premature labor. This, along with Bulk Herb Store’s Mama’s Red Raspberry Tea kept our last baby in until 37 weeks. The day I took myself off of modified bedrest I went into labor. With the daughter before that one I went into labor at 35 weeks 4 days. This is what I want to avoid.

So, with that being said I have a lot to do in 4 weeks!

Baby boy’s chest of drawers and changing table should be in the day before Valentine’s Day and little by little I am writing lists of everything I need to buy before I go into labor. There’s quite a bit! It’s so much fun preparing for a baby though!

I also plan on doing a video showing what I’m packing in our hospital bags once I have everything ready. And I also plan on doing a follow up video on what we actually used. I haven’t seen too many of those. I want to know what people used and what they didn’t, don’t you?! lol

Mama at 31 weeks

1. I recently switched from my home birth midwife back to my OB. (Knowing I have a history of premature labor, and after much prayer I felt safer going to my doctor) The appointment went well. Everything was perfect.

2. I’ve gained a total of 17 lbs so far.

3. I’m walking 1/2 mile at least every day on my Treadmill which I’m thankful for. (at 35 weeks this will stop)

4. I’ve been having a lot of back pain, hip pain and pelvic pain. By night time it really hurts to walk. Hubby bought me a pregnancy belly brace which has helped soooo much!

5. Sleep at this point is almost a joke. I’m like a small whale that flips all night long. Bless my husband for all the massages he gives me.

6. I turn into a pumpkin at 7pm. Not really. lol Basically I just can’t eat dinner after 7pm or else I’m sick all night. I have no room in my stomach. I also stop drinking by 7, no later than 8 pm.

7. I’m having no cravings. Food freaks me out at this point. I figure I’ll eat when he comes out.

8. I found out I was anemic so Iron again it is.

9. I went outside and took some pictures of our farm animals today. I sure missed warmer weather and my camera. I’m so excited about spring for so many reasons!

10. Right now at night when it’s only me awake I sit up in bed playing solitare or looking at Pinterest and enjoy spending alone time with my baby boy who is more than happy to stay awake with me. I am soaking it in before he comes out and I have to share him.

Baby Boy:

1. He is around to 16-18 inches in length and 4 lbs now if not more. 🙂

2. He has all 5 senses working now 🙂 and his bones are stronger which means I can feel his movements way more and so can his daddy and sisters. (and my cervix lol I call those movements an internal pap smear)

3. He sleeps soundly and has patterns showing now. He is responding to loud noises as well as me playing with him.

4. He is packing on some fat which this mama loves. I can’t wait to kiss those chubby cheeks.

5. He does not particularly like the sound of a dog barking.

6. He has no issues riding in a car. (so far) Unlike his last sister who woke up and didn’t stop moving every time we left. Ouch! For the first year of her life she hated car rides.

7. He responds to his sisters singing to him.

8. He is All boy. We saw this in 4D thanks to the ultrasound. No guessing… at … all.  😉

9. He’s head down.

10. He’s already being showered with love.

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