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31 week Ultrasound Pictures of our Baby Boy!

BabyBoy ultrasound.jpgGod blessed us with a 3D/4D ultrasound this last weekend so we piled the kiddos into the van and headed to Fetal Fotos to see our friend and owner, Lisa. She’s done numerous ultrasounds on 4 of our kiddos now. She was the first one to see that Joshua was a boy. Even she was shocked back then. lol

BabyBoy ultrasound1

So there he is… little ‘we don’t know his name’ sleeping all sweetly.

It’s getting close!

Time start getting things in order for when he arrives. Time to wash baby clothes…. order cloth diapers… start organizing everything I want to pack in my bag.

It’s time to get excited!

And since I forgot… Here’s a picture of me at 7 months pregnant. I’ll be 8 months on Monday but I wanted to have this on my Blog for me for later. 🙂

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