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20 Weeks Pregnant!



There are no words for how excited I am about this little boy growing in my womb! Just a few days ago we got to see his precious face again.

(See my tummy in the picture. That’s him and his big sister Ashlyn holding my belly!)

As a seasoned mom I know what those level 2 ultrasounds are all about and it isn’t checking to see the gender. Every time I have one I am in deep prayer. God was so good to us! Everything with our little baby boy looked great!! He was playing with his toes and moving his fingers. Sweet baby is transverse as of now but I’m sure he’ll move sooner than later, as his room will get smaller and smaller as he gets bigger.

This week…

20 weeks

All about baby:

1. He measured 12 oz and is approx. 7 inches long. His measurements were right on and some were a little further along. It makes me wonder if he’s going to be tall like his daddy.


2. His profile was precious! So much so that the ultrasound technician kept saying how she couldn’t get over how beautiful he was. As she said this she kept taking his profile pictures. lol He also seemed to be pointing to show us that he was still a boy. lol This little guy had us all laughing!


And a boy he still is. 😉


3. I feel him move and so has his daddy, just not the girls yet. As of right now I don’t feel him all the time, just off and on. While watching the ultrasound there were a few kicks here and there I didn’t feel. I know I will soon! 🙂

4. Daddy and I have two names we are paying about. As much as I want to name this baby I’m afraid that we won’t know his name until we see him, just like his big sister Ashlyn.

5. We’re all getting really excited! Grandma Debbie bought him a crocheted cowboy hat that I posted on my FB page and has bought him some new outfits as well as baby cowboy boots!!! Daddy and I have been more concerned about Christmas and bills but we managed to make it out to a couple of resale shops and get him some cute clothes. Well, Daddy did more of the picking. I wasn’t fast enough. lol


We’ve got his bedding picked out and I’m looking at furniture, all of which will be purchased after Christmas time. His nursery is being used as a craft/exercise room right now. Looks like my treadmill will have to find a new home soon!

Baby’s Mama update:

1. I’m doing well still. Morning sickness is finally gone 100%! Seems like it took forever this time.

2. My round ligaments are beginning to make themselves known again. Those things hurt!

3. It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving and I am busy, busy, busy. I’ve got bread rising for homemade stuffing and will be putting my garden grown sugar pumpkins in the oven to make pumpkin puree. This will be the first year I make homemade pumpkin pies using my own puree. I am super excited, just not so much about making my own crusts. I’m no fan of homemade crust making. lol

4. My back is starting to hurt. I’ve been applying Young Living’s ‘Valor’ and that has been helpful. I’m also putting it on my feet before bed. It seems to help me sleep better. I’m so glad I can use my oils again!

5. This last week we had a crazy amount of snow. It looked like a winter wonderland here. It was beautiful but walking in it made me feel like an older woman who just had a hip replacement. My husband enjoyed it because I held on to him to walk so I didn’t sink. lol Today it’s almost 50 degrees outside, sunny and warm. Reminds me of Houston. I love it! Looks like the snow is behind us for now.

You won’t hear this Texan complaining about that. lol

It was beautiful though!




6. All  in all, I’m just so grateful to God to be pregnant and our son be healthy!

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