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1 Reason to Use All-Natural Make-Up… Toddlers

We have recently learned that big sisters should never leave their purses unattended.
Especially when toddlers abound.

This is also one of the reasons my 12 year old only uses all-natural lip glosses, balms and lotions.

One reason of many.
You can’t really blame a two year old for wanting to be like the big sister she loves so much, can you? Look at that sweet face. You would think she didn’t know there was anything wrong with going into her sisters purse and taking out her lip gloss.
And then something happens.
 Big sister comes down the stairs.
Uh oh…
*No make-up was ingested in this little mishap, but if it would have been I feel pretty certain that the damage would have been minimal. If you’re looking for an all-natural brand of make-up check out 100% Pure. It’s what I use and love!*
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